Bull Sale

Welcome to our 12th Annual Complete Performance Bull Sale!

Click Here for the Lemke 2018 Catalog (PDF format)

Our mission at Lemke Cattle is producing moderate framed, heavy muscled, fast growing, efficient cattle that are profitable for the commercial cattle industry.

This is our strongest sale offering to date. Our intensive E.T. program multiplies our high quality genetics for the customer. You’ll find top quality genetic packages in every pen. We invite you to come see the Bulls, view the videos, study the data, and we think you will agree. “Balance & excel in multiple traits” isn’t just a catchy slogan around here, its our breeding goal.

70% of the offering have qualified as “TOP DOLLAR ANGUS” sires. Most of the Bulls have been DNA tested & have genetically enhanced EPD’s for the greatest accuracy.

There is a great opportunity for female buyers. Our ET program produces more heifers than we have room for, HELP YOURSELF!

Our Red Angus commercial heifers are top notch and straight out of our replacements. Once again there will be quality Red Angus commercial heifers offered from longtime Lemke Bull customers.

We appreciate your business!

Join us Tuesday, February 6th, and enjoy good cattle, good food, and good people!
Thanks from the Lemke’s – Randy, Leslie, Sammy, Taylor and Tanner

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